The Programs


Here the focus is getting overall much stronger, building lean and strong muscles. Not much cardio in this programming. It would help if you know your 1 rep max in some of the main powerlifting lifts but it´s not necessary. Then the programming is built on % of your max weights.. It´s fitting for anyone regardless of the body strength at the beginning. There are 3 workouts per week in this program. We use the back squats, bench presses and Deadlifts a lot, along with many other accessory work and dumbbell exercises. If you love lifting, this is your program!


In this program I work with some good strength training routines as well as time framed, powerful intervals, bodyweight exercises, some light weights like kettlebells and dumbbells but no barbells. Your pulse will rise and you will feel that endorphin kick after the workout. The workouts focus on functionality, explosiveness and will make you leaner. There are 3 workouts per week in this program. If you are ready to raise your pulse, this one is for you!


First, we build some muscle and then increase your metabolism. This program will have some challenging weightlifting with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. I want to build strength along with increasing your cardio vascular system. Each workout day has a good warmup, some strength training with barbells or dumbbells and then it ends with some good interval cardio training. There are 3 workouts per week in this program. This one is perfect for you if you love lifting but also want to pump your lungs..


A powerful home workout that will make you sweat! The workouts are all Intervals and time framed and mostly bodyweight exercises. You really don’t need anything here but a timer. If you have a miniband, any dumbbells or an elastic band, that might come in handy, but not necessary. Every exercise takes about 40 minutes. Just hit it hard and safe time. You get a lot out of this training and great results. If you have a busy schedule and limited time in your life, this is the one for you! The program has 3 workouts per week.